Drew Barrymore talks sustainability, design and how Cameron Diaz made her more eco-conscious

If you had told Drew Barrymore 10 years ago that she would be an investor and global brand and sustainability advocate for a green cleaning brand – an announcement made by Grove Collaborative today – she might not have told you. be unbelieved. After all, Barrymore isn’t shy about admitting that she wasn’t the first to join the green home movement. “I loved my polystyrene cups,” she admits Beautiful house.

In fact, it took a nudge from a very close friend to make her see the light: “Cameron Diaz is really a huge catalyst for me; for 20 years she’s really supported me with sustainability,” says Barrymore – after admitting, in his charmingly self-deprecating manner, “I don’t like to name names, but she’s my best friend and it sucks when your best friend has a name you recognize because you sound like an asshole , but I swear I’m not!”

It was indeed Diaz, however, who led Barrymore to understand the importance of sustainable living. “After she agreed to be in the pilot of my show, I thought about what I could do to her to thank her, and for her, these are not flowers,” said the Drew Barrymore show host reminders. “And so I surprised her by getting down on my knees and making her a proposal. And I said, ‘After you barked at me for 20 years about who you wish I were, I I’m going to be that person starting today: to show you my appreciation, I’m becoming an environmentally conscious human being.”

Drew Barrymore with products from Gove Collaborative.

Grove Co.

Now, Barrymore sets out to get others to see the importance, whatever kind of message it takes. “All my friends are really hard to love, hard to say, nice,” the actress said Beautiful house. But it turns out it’s the push some of us need to change our ways: “That kind of Pollyanna approach didn’t speak to me, and I love that Grove broke it down and said that only 9% of our recycling actually gets recycled.” I was like, okay, so how do we take that message and make it uplifting and not depressing? Because I can’t handle bad news without solutions. I need the truth with solutions.”

With Grove, the solution offers beautiful, easy-to-use alternatives to your household products. This emphasis on the beautiful particularly appeals to Barrymore. “When I started looking for eco-friendly products, I became obsessed with, why can’t it all look good? Why does your mouthwash have to be plastic and not look attractive on That’s the whole principle behind the Beautiful line – I kept saying it should be beautiful. It should be beautiful.

And of course it has to work too – Barrymore is wary of the type of greenwashing that is becoming more and more common. “Once I started looking at my cleaning supplies I was like, ‘Oh my God, there’s so much plastic everywhere,'” Barrymore recalled. “You have the refillable dispenser, but the refills are plastic.”

At Grove, the refills come wrapped in paper or metal—packaging so pretty, Barrymore notes, that she sometimes doesn’t even unwrap it. Additionally, she says, the e-commerce marketplace, which offers both Grove products and those of other brands, makes it possible to buy environmentally friendly products. easy. I want it to be transparent,” Barrymore says. After all, she knows how difficult it can be to get customers to sign up to make a change.

But once you’ve done it, as Barrymore is proof of, you can’t imagine going back.

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