Design Spectrum presents the Delightful Design exhibition | 7 Mallory Street


Exploring beyond the value of functionality in design, Design Spectrum’s new thematic exhibition “Delightful Design” – curated by Milk Design founder and design director Lee Chi Wing – aims to take audiences on a ride to discover how to imagine, measure and pursue joy. Showcasing more than 30 design projects from Hong Kong and overseas, including Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Netherlands, the exhibition reveals how happiness is formed through four aspects of design (meaning, spirit, ideology and social), sparking conversations about how design supports an individual’s happiness on a social level.

There will also be a series of fun activities available to the public, such as sharing sessions, a series of engaging workshops and a community experience day led by the islanders of Peng Chau. Last but not least, stop at the large-scale art installation ‘In The Wild’ created by the local STICKYLINE art design team and share your thoughts on happiness by adorning the installation with paper flowers made from the materials. provided on site. The facility is open from now until mid-January, after which the KaCaMa Design Lab will take over with another exciting new creation – so keep your eyes peeled.

Dated: Now until February 28, 2022 (10 am-7pm)
Place: 3 / F, 7, rue Mallory, Wan Chai


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