DDC Chairman Kishtwar interacts with wildlife department eco-guide trainees

DDC Chairman Kishtwar interacts with wildlife department eco-guide trainees

posted on 24 Feb 2022 | Author RK News

Kishtwar, February 23: Pooja Thakur, Chairperson of District Development Council (DDC) Kishtwar, along with other council members, interacted with the trainees of the Eco-Guide program organized by the wildlife protection department here at the Wildlife Complex, Manda Jammu on Wednesday .

The official spokesperson said that up to 20 unemployed young people from outlying villages of the high altitude Kishtwar National Park in the Marwah-Dachhan region are being trained as eco-guides by the wildlife department on February 21 to March 4, 2022.

Chief Wildlife Warden, J&K Suresh Kumar Gupta, while giving a brief overview of the training modules, said that 20 youths, mostly 10+2 successful ones, are being trained to act as eco-guides for improve livelihoods near wildlife areas. He added that during the training, participants will visit various wildlife areas and have hands-on sessions on various aspects of bird watching, animal observation, plant identification and eco-description. guides to visitors. During the training, emphasis will also be placed on strengthening the communication skills of the participants.

While addressing the trainees, Pooja Thakur, Chairperson of DDC, Kishtwar, advised them to get the most out of the training and develop skills to earn a living. She commended the initiative taken by the Department of Wildlife Protection and called for continued involvement of young people in various wildlife protection, conservation and awareness programs in the Marwah-Dachhan region.

The eco-guide training program is the first initiative of its kind taken by the Department of Wildlife Protection to promote ecotourism in wildlife areas. Dr. Arun Gupta, wildlife warden, is the course coordinator for the program.

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