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Updated: November 25, 2021 at 7:59 AM

Designer Cree Lottimore (Photo provided)

Album covers were Cree Lottimore’s thing, but she couldn’t resist the challenge of designing her own wrapping paper.

As demanded by the competition, its print was a tribute to Flora Duffy, Bermuda’s very first Olympic champion to win a gold medal. The last minute submission to Gosling’s and the Bermuda National Gallery for review was a winner.

“I was familiar with last year’s competition but never submitted anything,” she said. “I think this year I was more intrigued because it was related to Flora and her victory. So I knew from the day I saw the poster that I wanted to submit something.

“I think anyone who knows me with the design and my process knows that I like to think too much, but surprisingly for this design I did it the day before. I knew I wanted it to be simple but I didn’t didn’t know how. “

In the end, she submitted a “one-line hand drawing” of Ms. Duffy on her bike. She then used another drawing of the athlete, running with raised hands, to represent the letter L in the word gold.

Cree Lottimore’s winning submission for the second annual Bermuda National Gallery and Gosling’s Rum Holiday Design Competition (photograph provided)

Ms Lottimore admitted that she didn’t follow Duffy’s accomplishments until recently, but is now a fan.

“I think seeing Flora win, she is from Bermuda which is such a small island compared to other populations, I think I speak for everyone when I say I am extremely proud. It shows that the hard work will pay off – see her pictures from when she was a little girl running and then, almost like that, it manifested to what happened. “

Always creative, Ms. Lottimore had “a little introduction to Photoshop” in a high school class and “kind of worked with it.”

“It fits my way of thinking – creative problem solving and things like that,” she said.

Immediately after high school, she attended York University in Toronto, Canada. Last year, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in design and joined the Bermuda Monetary Authority as an in-house graphic designer.

“I have never had an official graduation ceremony,” Ms. Lottimore said, explaining how the ceremony fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic. “I kind of started working before the day I would have graduated.”

Katherine Summerville’s winning submission for the second annual Bermuda National Gallery and Gosling’s Rum Holiday Design Competition (Photo provided)

Open to professional and hobbyist designers alike, BNG and Gosling’s second annual holiday design competition caught his eye. She won the award in the 18-25 age group; Katherine Summerville won in the 26+ designer group. Their wrapping paper will be sold at Gosling’s Dundonald and Front Street stores as well as at the BNG.

“I was very proud of what I did and especially that it was a unique line drawing,” Ms. Lottimore said. “I normally put a ton of thought into my work where it was pretty straightforward. I kind of played around with the design of the [bottles of limited release rum] that Gosling’s did in collaboration with Flora. “

Her “face lit up” when she received the email informing her of her victory, she said. Her decision now is who to take with her to the BNG for the private rum tasting that is part of her prize.

The experience introduced her to the possibility of someday making physical products, but for the moment she is focused on her full-time job and the cover art she does for local rappers and singers such as Sinead the Flower. and Derek G.

Cree Lottimore designed the cover for this Sinead the Flower album (Photograph provided)

“It really started in 2017. I did a cover for a rapper called Cabana Earl who got a lot of attention and then I think through word of mouth I found more work.

“So it kind of became something that I specialize in even though I didn’t intend it to happen. But I’m a very big fan of music.”

Most people send a song to give her “an idea” before she gets down to business.

“I normally pick a lyric from the song that I kind of base the whole cover on,” Ms. Lottimore said. the song.

“I’m slowly getting into motion design, so I design the cover, but I also move the key pieces. I think that’s why most people on social media know me.”

As winners of the Bermuda National Gallery and Gosling’s second annual vacation design competition, Cree Lottimore and Katherine Summerville will each receive $ 500, a private tour and rum tasting for up to ten friends at BNG, BNG membership and ten sheets of wrapping paper. Follow Cree on Instagram: @thecreeway. Visit

Five minutes with Katherine Summerville

Q: How did you come up with the design? Are you a big fan of Flora Duffy?

A: The idea for the design came to me quite quickly. I drew a little Flora cheetah character to celebrate Flora Duffy Day, which sparked the idea of ​​Gosling’s seal doing a triathlon. Yes I am a big fan of Flora Duffy!

Q: Have you ever done something like this before? If not, what type of art do you usually do?

A: I entered the wrapping paper contest last year, it was my first time creating a seamless pattern. This year I used my iPad to draw and create the pattern which really helped me improve my design. But my real love is to draw and paint with inks on paper, nothing beats a hand drawn illustration.

Q: Surprised to win?

A: I was shocked that I won. I think this is the first art competition that I win!

Q: What gifts will you use the wrapping paper for?

A: Everyone’s gifts this year will be in this journal! Can’t wait to start packing!

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