Creative and economical ways to design your own container garden

(good things utah) Spring is in bloom and the possibilities for planting in your garden are endless. To see them develop by summer, it’s time to plant. If you are looking for the right place to go in Salt Lake City, then “everyday is a beautiful day at Millcreek Gardens.”

Growing flowers to their full potential can be a difficult task for anyone struggling to find their “green thumb” in the garden. So much is needed to maintain them throughout the season, but the most vital part of planting is the soil you use. According to LaRene of Millcreek Gardens: “Soil is like the basis of everything, and water is like blood.”

Colorful flowers and healthy plants of all varieties can be found at Millcreek Gardens. There you have the option to fill a container with all the plants you see and design it however you want. Mix and match fruit plants with ornamentals, creating a beautiful arrangement for any yard.

You can visit Millcreek Gardens at 3500 South 900 East in Salt Lake City or find them online at

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