Consider a bouquet of dried flowers for your modern wedding


Dressed in black dresses or sneakers, modern brides boldly break traditions to add unique touches to their weddings. More recently, we noticed that the bouquet of dried flowers eclipsed the freshly cut flowers and took center stage on the day of the ceremony. For example, artist Jordan Casteel, whose portrait of Aurora James appeared on the September 2020 cover of Vogue, recently tied the knot in a personalized Batsheva dress while holding a cheerful arrangement of pink dried flowers by Farmgirl Flowers. Not to be outdone, her groom, David Schulze, looked equally sharp with pieces of preserved flowers pinned to the lapel of his blazer.

In the past, dried flowers were seen as not being as vibrant as their fresh-cut counterparts, but that is all changing thanks to the beautifully designed arrangements by brands like UrbanStems and talented artisans setting up shops on Etsy. There are plenty of options that look just as cheerful in hot pink and cheerful yellow hues. The biggest advantage of selecting preserved flowers: there is no need to worry about them wilting on your wedding day. Plus, they’ll last long after the big day.

If you’re considering the deliciously rustic vibes of a dried flower bouquet for your own wedding day, browse our 12 upcoming options.

Bouquet of dried flowers My Fleur Shop

Bouquet Williams Sonoma Cloud

Image may contain: Plant, Flower, Flower, Flower Arrangement, and Flower Bouquet

UrbanStems the dried bouquet from Essex

Image may contain: Plant, Food, Vegetable, Wheat, Grain, and Product

The Sill the Neutral Palm Bouquet

Dried Flowers of Bohemian Wedding Fever Bloom Co.

West Elm Spring Garden Bouquet

Image may contain: Plant, Flower, Flower, Flower Bouquet, and Flower Arrangement

Straw Pink Afloral Dried Flower Bouquet

Image may contain: Plant

Bouquet of field preserved blue poppies

Image may contain: Plant, Flower, Flower, Flower Arrangement, and Flower Bouquet

UrbanStems the dried bouquet of Kona

Image may contain: Plant, Flower Arrangement, Flower, Bouquet of Flowers, and Flower

The tranquil botanist harvested from the wild large bouquet

Image may contain: Accessories, Accessory, Plant, Jewelry, Flower and Flower

Bouquet of dried flowers Mia Basket Flowers

Image may contain: Plant, Flower and Flower

Anthropologie Dried Valentina Bouquet

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