Cannabis Gift Guide


NOThen recreational cannabis is completely legal and shop windows are everywhere, shopping for gifts for your smoker friend has never been easier.

You don’t have to be a cannabis expert yourself to go shopping. Gummies, vapes, smoking accessories, even merch, these are all simple ideas that will appeal to anyone interested in THC and CBD. If you need help, we’ve got you covered!

Here are some great ideas for your cannabis connoisseur friend.

Good night darling
4203 E. Center Ave., Portage

Jelly candies and chocolates aren’t the only edibles. Doja offers tons of options in the Kalamazoo region, but check out this incredibly versatile infused honey. Put it in your tea, on your dinner, with a dessert, or even in your cereal! However, this Goodnight Honey also contains CBN, which will put you straight to bed.

Edible Bléised

If your friend doesn’t take big rips and hit every night, he might not need the most intense edible out there. Instead, try Bléised (pronounced blazed), the gummy candy best suited for microdosing – that means taking several foods in low doses throughout the day, to keep the high smooth and long.

Carbon by Fluresh
1213 Phillips Ave. SW, Grand Rapids

Weed is everywhere (and thank goodness), but if you want top-quality flowers, try Fluresh’s Carbon, a new premium line from the GR-based company. The focus here is on carefully cultivated and manipulated cannabis, “from seed to smoke”. Optimized environment, whole air dried, extended curing time and no mechanical edgers – what more could you want?

CBD patch
Green wellness life
9175 Cherry Valley Ave. SE, Caledonia

Whether you like THC or not, CBD is for everyone! An easy way to get your CBD is one of these 96-hour (that’s long) patches from Pure Ratios, dispensing 40 mg of calming cannabinoid per patch. Your friend can just slap him, chill out and chill out!

Pre-roll pack
Lake Done
8314 Portage Road, Portage

One of the best gifts anyone can give me is a full, already rolled joint. Luckily at Lake Effected they have a number of pre-rolled packs, filled with 5-10 joints from manufacturers like Lake Life, Terrapin, and Trivium. Make everyone’s life easier with a box of pre-rolls.

Anointing Formula
Premier Hemp Co.

CBD isn’t just meant to be ingested, it also works wonders on your body, from sore muscles to inflammation. This oil from Dr Dave is actually based on the Biblical Holy Anointing Oil recipe, but you don’t have to be religious for CBD to work its miracles. Give this to your friend who is still cracking his joints and doing weird stretches.

Mint chocolate chips
New standard
Several locations

New Standard has multiple locations, all filled with tons of great cannabis options. Their flower line is a killer, like this Mint Chocolate Chip variety from Apothecare. It’s super heady and psychedelic, but most notably, it tastes like super delicious cookies, hence the name. It’s dessert time, any time of the day.

The wood reserve
Terrapin care station

Terrapin has been around since 2009, so you know they know their stuff. If you want a special gift, look for The Woods Reserve products from Terrapin. It’s the high-end exotic genetic cannabis grown in small batches that a connoisseur would love to try. Vibrating and dense heads carefully obtained and then finished to perfection with a prolonged hardening process.

Get goods
Shakesdown Street
670 Leonard Street NO, Grand Rapids

Maybe you don’t know what your friend likes to smoke or how he likes to smoke it, but you know what he likes to wear. Head to Shakedown Street and get them 4/20 friendly t-shirts, tie-dye clothing, handcrafted jewelry and more. And hey, maybe you’ll find the perfect bong while you’re at it!

Reefer Madness Pen Set
Rebel GR
1555 Wealthy Street SE, Grand Rapids

Now that the weed is legal, we’re free to really have fun with it. It might sound silly, but your cannabis lover friend will love gifts like this Reefer Madness Pen Set, featuring green pens with sayings like “Nugs and Kisses” and “Home is Where the Weed is”. Make sure your friend never forgets what is most important in life: cannabis. ??

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