CA Flower Mall Parades Flower Design Talent Thanksgiving Morning



Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpieces by Floral Lab Design CFM Showroom 130

CFM Petals cook up a huge selection of some of the most amazing, trendy, creative, and wacky Thanksgiving flower designs in Los Angeles.

“Thanksgiving week has become a competitive design challenge for many CFM flower sellers to show off their style and design talent. Petalers prepares a huge selection of some of the most amazing, trendy, creative and wacky Thanksgiving flower designs in Los Angeles. Whether they’re displaying ready-made designs or making personalized arrangements while you wait, it all happens in a 50,000 square foot market full of flowers. Petalers’ whimsical and varied turkey designs are especially fun for kids and families. DIY buyers will find the freshest flowers right from the farms here. They will see to measure Thanksgiving flower arrangements that are not available at grocery stores or big box retailers. Some even have Thanksgiving flowers that turn into Christmas decor. Christmas flower and plant decorations are available now and the market reopens on Black Friday from 4:30 am to 4:30 pm, all decked out in Christmas, ”said Mark Chatoff, owner and president of California Flower Mall.

Chatoff offers these tips for buying fresh, quality, long-lasting Thanksgiving flowers at great value prices:

  • Pre-order today if you have a specific flower in mind or if you want delivery on Wednesday
  • Text the Pinterest images of custom flower decoration orders to vendors by Tuesday for Thursday pickup
  • Give the cook a break – take the kids to CFM on Thanksgiving morning to choose personalized arrangements – send them a photo or video of some options.
  • Arrangements are the easiest last minute choice as everything is done for you – the host or busy hostess doesn’t have to lift a finger to find the right vase or prepare the flower stalks
  • Bring cash for the best prices – CFM has an ATM onsite
  • Bargain – shop around and don’t take the top prize offered for flower arrangements, especially on Thanksgiving morning; CFM Petals can’t wait to remove the orange harvest flowers from the shelf and return home to their families

Chatoff invites the flower trade and the public to contact flower sellers directly with any questions on pricing, availability, and pre-orders via CFM’s website here: , or use the CFM flower provider’s mobile device dialing directory here: .

About California Flower Mall

California Flower Mall, located at 825 San Pedro Street with parking at the entrance to 824 San Julian Street, is one of the largest DIY wholesale flower markets in the downtown eight-block shopping community of LA Flower District – the largest concentration of wholesale flower markets and flower businesses in the United States It is located in the business improvement district of the Fashion District of LA. Mark Chatoff is Chairman of the Board of Fashion District BID. The CFM welcomes the flower trade and the public. The DTLA Flower Market does not charge an entrance fee, nor does it require documents or badges to purchase flowers. Guest facilities include an ATM, on-site coffee shop, guest restrooms and on-site parking.

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