Brighten up your workplace, at home with floral arrangements from Le Fleurista



Get away from that monotonous vibe in your home office or office with the colorful dried flower arrangements from Le Fleurista by Rosh.

Le Fleurista prides itself on its affordable, elegant and exclusive arrangements with flowers all imported from Holland.

Le Fluerista is a French expression meaning “the florist”.

“The takers of our first collection, Carissima which means ‘very expensive’, were very satisfied with the uniqueness of each arrangement,” said Rosh Guevarra-Eusebio, the Fleurista herself.

Each composition of dried flowers is placed in locally produced export quality pots.

It didn’t start until September of this year, although its sister company, The gROSHery, was formed in 2018.

Eusebio meticulously chooses the flowers and pots for each composition.

“We make sure that our offers are exclusive and that no two arrangements are the same,” she explained.

Eusebio uses around 100 types of dried flowers and leaves. Some of these flowers include dried lavender, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, statice, retrofractus, Asian peonies, sunflowers, gerbera, everlasting and hydrangea, among others.

Flower arrangements can last up to two years if properly cared for. This is why each arrangement is also accompanied by a treatment card.

Each arrangement bears a name inspired by Eusebio’s family or the people who marked his life. Her children Jacob Marco and Rhian Amanda, and her husband Junias, are her number one inspirations to start Le Fleurista.

Although elegant and unique, Eusebio assured customers that its flower arrangements were good value for money.

“Our flower arrangements are guaranteed to give their owners an elegant and relaxing feel at affordable prices,” she said.

In addition to the dried flower arrangements in pots, Le Fleurista also offers loose dried flowers for DIY enthusiasts. She can also make you a bouquet for your loved one.

As the holiday season approaches, Le Fleurista has prepared a program that guarantees a brighter Christmas celebration.

To launch this month, Le Fleurista’s Christmas collection includes dried flowers in lighted Capiz lantern pots, framed dried flowers (where personalized handwritten messages or quotes can be placed) and Christmas dried flowers. in glass domes.

The Capiz lantern pots used by Le Fleurista are creations of local lantern makers in the town of San Fernando.

The Fleurista has also prepared floral arrangements for All Saints ‘Day and All Saints’ Day.

Want to have your own unique arrangement of Le Fleurista? Discover their flower arrangements on Facebook ( and Instagram (@thegroshery). To order just send them a message or contact them via Viber, SMS or call 09175761494.

“We use bubble wrap and eco-friendly bags to make sure our ‘flowers’ are safe in transit. As a sister company of The gROSHery, we occasionally offer seasonal promotions and tie-downs,” said Eusebio.

The flower arrangements are delivered for a nominal delivery charge within the San Fernando area, while for somewhat remote areas, Le Fleurista partners with local delivery service providers.


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