BOKAY makes fully personalized flower arrangements accessible and fun

ATLANTA, September 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Innovative Way to Send Flowers – BOKAY is the First Company to Allow Users to Fully Customize Flower Arrangements and View Their Creation in Real Time – Delivering Unique Designs Overnight with Flowers exact selected. Bringing fun and necessary personalization to the flower industry, uses a direct-to-consumer model and is the first way to truly personalize bouquets that can be sent to anyone in the lower 48 states.

BOKAY uses a real-time interactive bouquet generator, offering thousands and thousands of possible combinations created by the user. Customers can choose the types of flowers, colors, greenery and vase and see them come to life on the screen. Controls are handcrafted in United States by real florists using fresh farm flowers from around the world. A free, personalized greeting card adds the perfect finishing touch before a BOKAY ships overnight.

“Sending flowers has become so impersonal over the past decade and what you see online is rarely what you get. As a 4th generation florist, I hear horror stories from customers who have already ordered from an online florist and the flowers looked nothing like what was pictured. BOKAY solves this problem by letting the customer choose every element of their arrangement. This is the most personalized online flower experience and the most fun you have ever had sending flowers. “

Kevin mccarthy, founder and CEO of BOKAY

In recent years, ordering flowers has become mundane and frosty as online businesses compete with cookie-cutter-like arrangements from professional photoshoots that come in looking entirely different. Even though the flowers arrive looking like the picture online, why should the flowers sent to someone special be the exact same bouquets sent to thousands of others? BOKAY provides a deeply personalized, data-driven service that was not an option until today. Today, McCarthy and his team are revolutionizing the floral industry with a fully customizable and original concept. Moreover, customers can even pay using Dogecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin.

“Sending flowers has been around for a long time. It’s only been 20 years since ordering flowers online has become so popular. But there is a major flaw in the current designs of the e-commerce floral giants – they rarely touch them. flowers themselves. For this reason, they do not control their own inventory and they cannot customize an arrangement. Flowers are meant to be personal, fun, and make people smile. If we focus on one client at a time, I think we have a real chance to become the future of online flower shopping for people who want that personal, fun touch. “

Kevin mccarthy, founder and CEO of BOKAY

BOKAY has just been launched in the lower 48 states and can be discovered at

ABOUT BOKAY: Founded by a 4th generation florist, BOKAY’s goal is to be the most fun and personalized floral experience you have ever had. Be OK. BOKAY.

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