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No matter how functional and beautiful your bathroom is, using the same space every day can inspire you to make updates. In fact, updating a bathroom every seven to ten years is a typical time frame. So, before embarking on your bathroom renovation, take inspiration from current trends to design the bathroom oasis of your dreams and keep the space looking fresh for the next decade.

Shower rooms
Shower rooms, a walk-in shower large enough to accommodate a deep soaking tub, are at the top of many homeowners’ list of bathroom must-haves. A shower room also creates a stunning focal point in a bathroom, which is an essential part of any design plan.

The whole shower experience is another essential factor. For example, multiple showerheads or walk-in showers create a luxurious showering experience.

Curved lines
Curved lines are another dominant trend in bathroom design. Curved edges can add softness to a bathroom, contributing to a calming atmosphere. Whether you incorporate an arched opening leading to a walk-in master bathroom shower or an arched opening surrounding the bathroom, this arched design element can create a picture frame effect.

Beautifully functional amenities
Creating a space with optimal functionality is beyond the demands of many homeowners. Integrating technology into the bathroom can completely transform your experience of using your bathroom. Making these functional items beautiful results in the most comfortable life. Heated flowers, heated toilet seats, heated towel rails, heated drawers and refrigeration to store cosmetics and skin care products create a luxuriously functional space.

Plus, maximizing storage space can create a clutter-free Zen space. Finally, designing the space to accommodate your towels, sheets, bathroom products and more will go a long way towards your overall bathroom experience.

Warm tones and bright colors
Warm colors have their time. This includes warmer marble tones incorporating gold and brown veins instead of gray and white marble. Bright and vivid hues are also trending in home design. Green is a particularly popular color choice. Whether it’s a pale green, bright green, or a rich, moody green, it’s a great way to add color while adding a soothing and restorative element.

Sustainable wall coverings
Elevating your painted walls with tile or vinyl wallpaper can make the room feel extra special. Applying tiles to the walls is the most durable option. However, if you prefer the color and pattern offered by wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper can be a transformative design element. If your bathroom is separate from the shower area, wallpapering the bathroom and tiling the shower area can be a compromise that provides visual impact while protecting the wallpaper from moisture.

Classic hardware finishes
Selecting hardware in classic finishes such as polished nickel or antique brass can provide longevity to your bathroom. Mixing these two metals is another way to keep your bathroom current and beautifully designed. Getting creative with hardware design, like curved handles or leather accents, can serve as jewelry in your bathroom.

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