As summer draws to a close, the brightly colored flower arrangements on Main Street will be the last to go

BUCKHANNON – The season has officially fallen and the town of Buckhannon’s flower season is coming to an end.

City horticulturist Dixie Green attended the Sept. 22 meeting of the Consolidated Public Works Board to discuss citywide flower removals in preparation for fall.

“It’s late September and as the temperatures drop we’re getting closer to October, which will be the first frost of the season, most likely the second week of October,” Green said. “Things are still looking pretty good, but we’ve already retired a few items as they’re nearing the end of their life cycle, so we’re wrapping things up for the season. We’ll start cleaning up all of our stuff and cleaning it up. to sterilize in the store and in the greenhouse and to prepare for the winter.

The Department of Green has also partnered with the Department of Streets to do tree prunings.

“Brad (Hawkins, superintendent of the streets department) tells me where to go, and then we go there and clean up and cut everything down,” Green said. “We are working on Camden [Avenue] when we can and a few other side streets – Fayette and Barbour, places like that.

Mayor Robbie Skinner asked Green to remove the flowers from Main Street last.

“I would like, if possible, to leave Main Street as long as possible because it’s really pretty, and it’s gotten more compliments than you might think this year,” Skinner said. “The physical planters have just been spectacular and in particular the Fish Hawk one seems to be mid-season, and Main Street is one of the last places [the flowers are impacted by cooler temperatures] because of the heat of the buildings and the low elevation of Main Street, but if we can try to keep Main Street intact for as long as possible, that would be great.

Green said they will continue to work on flowers outside Main Street and into town, but the current first estimate of frost is Oct. 14.

“The last two years we’ve had a late frost and as far as leaf change goes, the mountains are already starting to see some color, so it might be more on time this year,” Skinner said. “All the rain in the middle of summer may have done that, but we appreciate your efforts and all you have done for us this year and your crew.”

“The downtown area is absolutely beautiful,” added the mayor. “Everyone I’ve spoken to has stopped me on the street and said, ‘The flowers are beautiful,’ so you’ve gotten compliments you don’t even realize you’ve gotten.”

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