Artist behind the expansion of Petalpushr dried flower arrangements, offering workshops in Logan Square

LOGAN SQUARE — An artist who moved her floral design business online during the pandemic has opened an in-person studio in Logan Square to showcase her designs and hold workshops.

Humboldt Park artist Amanda Forgash opened the Petals studio at 3013 W. Armitage Ave. earlier this month.

Forgash was creating fresh flower designs for weddings when the pandemic hit and crippled the industry. Forgash pivoted, starting Petalsthrough which she creates arrangements and sculptures using dried plants instead of fresh ones and sells them online.

“I had to think about how I could make this work for me,” Forgash told Block Club last year. “It’s such a shame that after creating something artistic with flowers, with fresh flowers, it disappears within a week. So I wanted something that had longevity and could be used in an art installation permanent and a sculptural piece, so I started working with dried flowers.

Now Forgash has been able to resume working in person with his studio. She has already hosted two floral design workshops there where people learn about floral arrangements and can take their creation home.

The space can accommodate up to eight people per workshop, and classes typically last 90 minutes. For each session, Forgash teaches concepts such as color theory and design principles; provides all materials, including clippers and vases; and offers food and beverages like mimosas, cold brews, and pastries.

“I always provide drinks and food and create an environment where people feel really comfortable getting to know each other because you’re working next to someone at the workbench,” Forgash said.

Credit: Photograph of the hand of Jacob
Amanda Forgash launched her company Petalpushr in December 2020, and her business was exclusively online before this month.

Forgash hopes these workshops will give people a chance to flex their creative muscles and do something they’re proud of, she said.

Forgash’s first series of workshops focused on colored and dried arrangements. The next sessions are all about fresh, mossy flowers, she said.

“The whole of the [dried] the arrangements were absolutely stunning, and I have several people from that class signed up for my next round,” Forgash said. “I think that’s proof that they appreciated.”

The future workshop could focus on making flower domes, terrariums and more seasonal pieces, like wreaths in the fall, Forgash said.

“I have a lot of ideas floating around; it’s just getting the word out,” Forgash said. “People seem really excited about it.”

Forgash is looking forward to interacting more closely with clients and having a space to house her work, which she couldn’t do while online, she said.

The Petalpushr studio is filled with plants, colorful dried flowers and displays – eye-catchers in an otherwise minimal and neutral studio.

“I have showcases so I can do rotating displays,” Forgash said. “I love doing these big [hanging plant] clouds, and before I draw them on my shower curtain rod.

You can sign up for workshops and browse Forgash’s store here Or on instagram.

Credit: Leen Yassine/Block Club Chicago
Petalpushr’s studio now serves as a home to exhibit owner Amanda Forgash’s work and a space to host floral design workshops.
Credit: Leen Yassine/Block Club Chicago
Petalpushr owner Amanda Forgash said she kept the studio decor neutral and minimal so that the focus was on colorful dried flowers.
Credit: Leen Yassine/Block Club Chicago
Future Petalpushr workshops could focus on floral domes, terrariums, and more seasonal pieces like wreaths in the fall.

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