Angee’s Flowers offers flower arrangements for all occasions

Mother’s Day is May 12. Have you ever ordered flowers?

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What’s the perfect flower arrangement for Mother’s Day?

Angee Lamberth’s advice: Decide with your florist.

Lamberth, originally from Carlsbad, owns Angee’s Flowers, a flower and home decor store on Canal Street in Carlsbad.

Angee’s Flowers opened to customers in early May, although she said she had customers knocking on the back door for arrangements before the official opening.

Since then, the company has built its customer base through word of mouth and social media.

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And one of the busiest days for florists – Mother’s Day – said Lamberth, customers who work with their florists to produce an arrangement leave the happiest.

“Don’t pick a photo from the internet and bring it to me for inspiration,” Lamberth said.

“As a customer, you can spend an hour picking up the perfect arrangement and you can come to the store and I might not have this flower in stock, so you’ve wasted all that time.”

Lamberth said the personal touch is part of the service she provides to the community.

“Everything I will do will be a custom order,” she said.

Flowers from all over the world

At the back of the store at 604 N. Canal Street, a room contains shelves of vases.

“This room is more important to me than the showroom because this is where the best flowers start,” said Lamberth.

“It starts when I buy my flowers, and how I treat my flowers, how they are stored, how they are designed and how they are delivered so that they last longer for my customers.”

Lamberth said its tropical flowers are typically shipped from Hawaii through distributors.

The roses come from Ecuador. The flowers come from Honduras or Guatemala, and the bulbs from Holland.

“It’s a global market,” Lamberth said.

For that personalized touch, Lamberth goes to the cooler filled with dozens of species of flowers, greenery and plants.

“I have gained experience making flowers in different ways,” said Lamberth of his experience in arrangements, weddings, event planning and interior design.

“It is important to keep the occasion in mind, because flowers act differently and you organize this occasion.”

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Back to business

At the age of 14, Lamberth accepted a job at his aunt’s flower shop – which coincidentally was in the same building that now houses Angee’s Flowers.

Word of mouth – during the Elk’s Bunco party – an acquaintance learned of the existence of a building for sale.

When Lamberth learned of the address, she said she recognized it as the “old Flower Patch”.

“To be able to walk into this building and help reshape it the way I know I can work, taking everything from every store I’ve ever worked in and starting to be able to make it my own – love it “said Lamberth.

Angee’s Flowers is open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Visit the store’s website at

Lamberth recommended anyone struggling to pick the perfect arrangement to ask about the “Free Spirit,” a two-tone orange and red rose that she stores year round. It’s his favorite.

Jessica Onsurez can be reached at 575-628-5531, [email protected] or @JussGREAT on Twitter.

It is not too late

A selection of pre-made flower arrangements are available for Mother’s Day at Angee’s Flowers.

Call Angee’s Flowers at 575-725-5201 to order.

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