A Guide to Midges in Grounded | All the variants, where to find them and what you can make from mosquito repellent mats

Based is a cooperative first- and third-person survival game in which the player character has been mysteriously shrunk to the size of an ant. Players are tasked with surviving in this new micro-world of a suburban backyard while facing numerous adversaries, such as the various creatures, bugs, and insects that are now gigantic in size and are formidable foes.

One of these creatures is the Gnat, but rather than being fearsome and menacing, it’s usually a small, round, fluffy ball that continually boops you without doing much damage to your character. Well, most midges behave that way, at least.

The midges in Based have three different variants, and one of these types of gnats can actually harm you. Whether the midge you encounter is harmless or not, there are many things you can do with these creatures, such as taming them or killing them. Killing a Gnat will provide you with valuable loot containing the materials needed to craft important in-game armor, weapons, decorations, and food, while taming them will allow you to have the cutest pet you have. can ask.

In this guide, we’ll talk about gnats, their different variants, how to effectively tame and kill gnats, and much more. Keep reading our guide to being enlightened in the ways of the gnat by Based.

What are midges in Based? What are the variants of gnats?

As we briefly mentioned, in Based, there are three variants of midges. They are:

  • Normal gnats
  • Midges infected
  • fleshy midges

Since each variant of the gnat in Based has one characteristic in common – their slow flight speed – dodging and running away from the little buggers shouldn’t be a problem for you.

But since these gnats have extremely erratic and unpredictable movements, it becomes very difficult to hit them with long-range weapons. Gnats won’t bother other creatures or insects, but will do their best to annoy you, even though they’re mostly harmless.

You’ll often see gnats flying around chaotically and bumping into nearby players, distracting them, and even knocking them down when they might be in the thick of a battle.

Here is a little more specific information on each of the midge variants:

Normal gnats

Image via Obsidian Entertainment

It is midges that are considered mostly harmless. The normal gnats can smash into you a few times here and there, and while it doesn’t cause any damage, it can quite easily knock you off your feet and leave you in a nerve-wracking situation. The normal midge will soon get bored after annoying you a bit and fly away. You can also make him escape by actively attacking him.

If you see midges staying near flowers, you can even observe how they carry pollen from one place to another. However, they will drop the pollen they were carrying if they are injured or killed during the carrying process.

Midges infected

Image via Obsidian Entertainment

Similar to the other variants, Infected Gnats will bump and crash into you, but are more proactive in their quest to give you a hard time. On top of that, you’ll drop anything you’re holding in your hand when an infected midge bumps into you.

This can get increasingly annoying as infected gnats won’t leave after bumping into you multiple times like normal gnats do, and will follow you relentlessly. The upside is that you still don’t take damage from this gnat variant.

fleshy midges

Image via Obsidian Entertainment

Fleshy midges are larger than their other variants while flying much slower, but higher. Since they are large in size, they have greater strength and are capable of carrying large amounts of spoiled food. They are also the only gnats capable of hurting you.

In terms of behavior, the fleshy midge resembles the normal midge, not being very hyperactive and intrusive. That being said, Fleshy Gnats possess a cloud of gas around them, which does damage to you when they come into contact with you. Make sure you have a gas mask equipped when you’re around these little buggers.

Where To Find Every Gnat Variant In Based

Each gnat variant can be found in different places in Based. They are the following:

  • normal gnat: Can be found near flowers in the Central Grasslands, Flood Zone, and Oak Hills.
  • infected midge: Usually found in weed killer mist until sealed. After that, you’ll find it in the Central Grasslands, Moldorc Highlands, and Flowerbed.
  • fleshy gnat: Can be found in Trash Heap.

How to hunt midges in Based

As we said, midges can be difficult to eliminate due to their unpredictable flight patterns. That being said, there are several methods you can use to eliminate those pesky flywheels.

Since midges fly high above the ground, you will need to attract their attention so that they fly towards you nearby. Once they are near you, you can use your melee weapon to attack them.

However, while fighting the Meat Gnats, make sure you have a Gask Mask equipped, or alternatively, drink some Gastro Goo to temporarily immunize yourself against their poisonous gas cloud.

Using a long range weapon will allow you to clear the first stage above, but aiming and hitting a midge multiple times is quite difficult. If you really want to use a long range weapon to kill a gnat, you better use a Sprig Bow because it can take care of it in one or two shots.

Finally, the most effective method would be to use rotten meat porridges. You can use these porridges to distract the gnats and get them to nest on the ground to start eating them, which is when you should sneak up on them and kill them.

Making spoiled meat porridge is as easy as blending spoiled meat in a blender, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How to tame gnats Based

I took a look at the cute, round and fluffy versions of the flies in Based known as gnats and couldn’t think of killing these adorable creatures? Or maybe you killed one too many to farm materials and want to repent of your sins? So yes, you can also make an annoying little gnat your pet.

But since the gnats are so wild and erratic, you need to appease them first. This can easily be done by giving the gnats plenty of rotten meat porridge. Unlike killing gnats, you don’t want to use a single rotten meat slurry just so you can approach and kill them.

Instead, you’ll need to drop rotten meat porridge on the ground, after which a nearby gnat will automatically descend and land on the nearby ground to eat the porridge. Keep feeding the gnat enough slurry until it becomes friendly enough to be tamed by the player. Keep in mind that gnats will ignore slurries if they are currently attracted to surrounding garden lights at night.

When tamed by the player, midges apply the Gnat Friend bonus which increases slip resistance with a dandelion tuft. This is very useful if you are currently going through an area with lots of trees or a place with extreme heights.

In what materials do midges fall Based? And what can you make with these materials?

After killing a gnat in Based, you will have to fight your way to their corpses and loot them. Dead Gnats will drop two possible materials: Gnat Fuzz and Raw Gnat Meat.

Gnat Fuzz – described as “dull gray hairs from a gnat” – is a material used in the crafting of the Sprig Bow, an item that is itself useful for killing gnats, as we saw earlier. It is also used in the crafting of the Gas Mask – a useful item to protect against Fleshy Gnats – and the Stuffed Bomber.

The in-game description of raw midge meat states that it is fatty midge meat and that “eating it raw is not a good idea, but this fatty cut suggests it will crisp up nicely in the oven.” above a flame”.

Raw Midge Meat can be used in cooking to make Midge Roast or even dried to make Midge Jerky, both of which are useful foods.

Below we’ll talk about all the materials needed to craft the items that use Gnat Fuzz and Raw Gnat Meat:

Midge Fuzz


strand bow

  • Materials needed: Strand x3; Coarse Rope x2; Gnat Fuzz x4
  • Level 1
  • Stun: 0
  • Speed: 3.5
  • Damage: 1.5
  • Type: stab


Gas mask

  • Materials: Stench Coin x1; Weevil Nose x1; Coarse Rope x2; Gnat Fuzz x4
  • Level 2
  • Resistance: 2.5
  • Effect: + Gas Barrier
  • Defense: 2
  • Stylish Upgrade Effect: Explosion Resistance


plush bomber

  • Materials: Bomber Coin x5; Boil gland 1; Gnat Fuzz x10

stuffed gnat

  • Materials: Raw Gnat Meat x2; Gnat Fuzz x5

Raw gnat meat


Gnat jerky

  • Ingredients: Raw Midge Meat x1
  • Where to cook: Jerky Rack

Roast midges

  • Ingredients: Raw Gnat Meat x1
  • Where to cook: Spit roast

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