A Complete Guide to Stray Chapter 9

Strays’ ninth chapter, Antvillage, is easily the shortest in the game, with players able to complete it in under three minutes if they move at a steady pace.

After emerging from the sewers at the end of Chapter 8, Wander players will meet in Antvillage. This aptly named area is the second of four safe zones in the game and is a bit smaller than the slums despite having enormous verticality. This makes for easy navigation and a very short chapter compared to others.

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For those in a hurry, it is possible to complete chapter 9 of Wander in about three minutes and much of it is taken up with cutscenes and conversation. There are a few side activities available in Antvillage, however, including a missing memory, an easy-to-unlock achievement, and a treasure hunt-style quest.


How to Complete Stray Chapter 9

Upon first entering Antvillage at the start of Chapter 9, players will see a strange metal tank that looks a lot like the one found in the scientist’s apartment in Wanderthe third chapter. This will trigger one of B-12’s five must-have memories, after which the cute little companion character will need a few moments. In this state of shock, he will not be able to translate, so players must focus on climbing the tall metal structure in front of them.

When halfway through, B-12 will return to normal, after which players can drop down and interact with some of the chapter’s secondary content if they wish. As Zbaltazar meditates upstairs, it probably makes sense to talk to him first before doing so.

After a short conversation with Zbaltazar, players will receive a photo of Clementine, after which they can continue climbing and head to the next chapter when ready by following the large metal pipes. Before leaving Antvillage though, there are a few things the finalists will probably want to take care of.

The main ones are scratching the doormat near the gardening robot and triggering memory B-12 by examining the writing on the wall to the right of the robot sitting on the couch. Additionally, players can get the “Cat-astrophe” trophy by jumping on the table between the two robots playing mahjong and can also progress to the “Cat’s best friend” trophy by rubbing against Zbaltazar.

In addition to memories and achievements, a badge is also offered at Antvillage. To get the plant badge, players will need to find yellow, red, and purple plants and give them to a robot named Malo hanging around one of the upper floors. The yellow plant can be accessed via pipes near where players encounter Malo, the red plant is at ground level outside the village, and the purple plant can be accessed via a branch on the level below Zbaltazar.

Stray Chapter 9 Secondary Content

  • “Territory” Trophy (9/12): Scratch the doormat near where Malo is gardening.
  • Trophy “Cat-a-stanza”: Jump on the table between the two robots while playing mahjong on one of the lower levels of the village.
  • Trophy “Best friend of the cat”: Huddle up against Zbaltazar. It doesn’t matter if players miss this, because there are six more bots players can huddle up against in Chapter 10 of Wander.
  • “Badges” Trophy (Plant Badge): Find the Yellow, Red and Purple plants and give them to the robot gardener Malo to receive the Plant Badge.
  • “I remember!” Trophy (17/27): Enter Antvillage at the beginning of Chapter 9 (essential).
  • “I remember!” Trophy (18/27): Examine the writing on the wall to the right of the robot who is sitting on the couch watching television.

Wander is available now on PS4, PS5 and PC.

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