17 Airing TV Shows That Were Just Canceled

It’s the middle of May, which means it’s time to say goodbye to some beloved favorite shows as the big five networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and The CW — make room for their new fall slates. As this year’s cancellation season approached, we already knew we were going to say goodbye to some icons like It’s usending after six seasons on NBC, and blackish, who said goodbye this spring after eight years on ABC.

This particular cancellation season, however, seems to be tougher than most years. The CW has removed nine shows from its slate, including Legacy, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Roswell, New Mexico. CBS said goodbye to its Magnum IP reboot with two Chuck Lorre comedies and freshman shows Good Sam and How do we ride. At NBC, it was a bad day for Mr. Mayor, Kenanand The end game. ABC’s hip-hop drama, queenswas canceled last week, but ABC and FOX still have some tough decisions to make regarding bubble shows.

Here are all the broadcast shows that were just canceled. This post will be updated live as new cancellations and renewals arrive.

Eve, Brandy, Naturi Naughton, Nadine Velazquez; queens

ABC/Kim Sims


Where to watch: Hulu

The Musical Drama Series queens followed four women as they reunited, in their 40s, and aimed to relive their former glory. Eve played Brianna, Brandy Norwood played Naomi, Naturi Naughton played Jill, and Nadine Velazquez played Valeria. The quartet pioneered hip-hop when they starred as “Nasty Bitches” in the 1990s before trying to recapture the spark more than two decades later. —Kat Moon

ABC previously canceled Promised Land, Card Sharks, The Ultimate Surfer, and blackish, which ended an eight-season run in the spring. ABC also moved Dancing with the stars to Disney+ for the upcoming season.

Perdita Weeks and Jay Hernandez, Magnum PI

Perdita Weeks and Jay Hernandez Magnum IP


Good Sam

Where to watch: Paramount+

CBS has ended the Sophia Bush and Jason Isaacs series after just one season. The medical drama followed Sam (Bush), a woman who becomes the top surgeon after her boss and father (Isaacs) slips into a coma. When he woke up from a coma, she became his boss, and things got complicated…seemingly too complicated for CBS viewers. —Lauren Piester

How do we ride

Where to watch: Paramount+

Pete Holmes starred as auto factory worker turned professional bowler Tom Smallwood, based on the life of the real Tom Smallwood, in this CBS comedy. Unfortunately, it hit the wrong way with viewers and was canceled after one season. —Lauren Piester

Magnum IP

Where to watch: Paramount+

Jay Hernandez starred in this reboot of the classic ’80s procedural, and it ran for four seasons before being axed by CBS. —Lauren Piester

United States of Al

Where to watch: Paramount+

United States of Al told the story of the friendship between Riley (Parker Young), a Marine veteran, and Al (Adhir Kalyan), his unit’s interpreter, as they adjust to life in the United States . Not even the show’s powerful and measured response to recent events in Afghanistan. could save it, and CBS canceled it after two seasons. —Lauren Piester

Nick Zano and Caity Lotz, Legends of Tomorrow

Nick Zano and Caity Lotz Legends of tomorrow

Colin Bentley/The CW


Where to watch: The CW

The CW has canceled its updated reboot of the 2004 US show about 4,400 people who disappeared and then reappeared years later. The show only lasted one season. Perhaps, as it did once before, the 4400 will reappear someday… —Lauren Piester


Where to watch: The CW | HBO Max

batman was canceled by The CW after three seasons, despite the arrival of up-and-coming star Javicia Leslie in the lead role after Ruby Rose left the show before season 2. It was a pioneering show, centering a queer black woman as the protector of Gotham City. —Megan Vic


where to watch: The CW | netflix

The CW’s reboot of the beloved wizarding drama introduced three new sisters far more diverse than Charmed’s, and even mirrored the original series by killing off a sister after season three and introducing a mysterious replacement. Unfortunately, the magic just wasn’t there in the end, and the show was canceled after four seasons. —Lauren Piester

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Where to watch: The CW | netflix

After seven seasons, The CW called it a day on Legends of Tomorrow, arguably the most eccentric corner of the shrinking Arrowverse. While Legends was never the most popular of the CW superhero shows, it was loved by its passionate fanbase and heralded for its big swings and ambitious storylines. Unfortunately, the show ended with a big cliffhanger that fans won’t see satisfied. Is there at least the potential for future crossovers? —Megan Vic


Where to watch: The CW | netflix

The CW’s reboot of the popular ’80s soap opera lasted five seasons of backstabbing and manipulation among the wealthy Carrington family and their friends, lovers and associates before being canceled. —Lauren Piester

In the dark

Where to watch: The CW | netflix

In the dark starred Perry Mattfield as a blind, irreverent twenty-something who stumbles upon his murdered best friend and must figure out what happened to him. The Ben Stiller-produced drama will conclude with its fourth season, which premieres in June 2022. –Lauren Piester


Where to watch: The CW | netflix

It’s the end of an era at The CW. Legacies, fallout from The Vampire Diaries and The originals, was canceled after four seasons, shutting down The Salvatore School and ending the network’s 13-year run of the TVD universe. —Lauren Piester


Where to watch: The CW

Kaci Walfall starred in Ava Duvernay’s adaptation of the comic book of the same name, which followed a comic book-loving teenage girl who runs a Superman fan site and discovers she has superpowers. The show was hailed for centering on a teenage black girl who is also a superhero, but just couldn’t attract the audience she needed to stay alive. It was canceled after one season. —Lauren Piester

Roswell, New Mexico

Where to watch: The CW | netflix

The CW’s reboot of the popular alien drama centered on Liz Ortecho (Jeanine Mason), a scientist and daughter of undocumented immigrants. She reunites with a high school crush, Max (Nathan Dean Parsons), who turns out to be an alien, and many amazing secrets are uncovered. The series will conclude with its fourth season, which premieres in June 2022. —Lauren Piester

The network previously announced the end of Supergirl.

The big jump

The big jump


Fox canceled The Big Leap in early 2022 but has yet to announce decisions on several shows on its slate, including The Masked Singer, The residencet, and more.

Kenan Thompson, Kenan

Kenan Thompson, Kenan


The end game

Where to watch: Hulu

Morena Baccarin and Ryan Michelle Bathe starred in this cat-and-mouse thriller about a criminal mastermind (Baccarin) who takes on an FBI agent (Bathe), but NBC opted to end the pursuit after just one season. —Lauren Piester


Where to watch: Hulu

Kenan Thompson kind of did double duty, playing both SNL and his own sitcom at the same time. He played a single father and local news anchor trying to balance his kids and his career for two seasons, until NBC pulled the plug. —Lauren Piester

Mr. Mayor

Where to watch: Hulu

Ted Danson starred as a retired businessman who ran for mayor of Los Angeles and somehow won. Unfortunately, navigating LA politics and starring in a TV show about them is just as difficult, and the show was canceled after two seasons. —Lauren Piester

NBC previously announced the end of It’s us after six seasons.

See the full list of broadcast, cable, and streaming TV shows that were canceled or are ending in 2022. This story is updated live.

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