12 superb floral arrangements for the day for administration professionals

Administrative Professionals Day is an opportunity to show your appreciation to the person who keeps your business running smoothly. The party, which takes place on April 23, is fast approaching. Show your gratitude and appreciation with a stunning flower arrangement.

Enter BloomNation. The website is unique in that it eschews generic flower arrangements like those featured on other sites. BloomNation offers flower arrangements made by local florists in your community, the site explains. Check out some of what these little local florists have to offer with unique arrangements that stand out.

Administrative Professionals Day

Sweet Garden Bouquet

Kiana Underwood of Tulipina, a florist in Burlingame, Calif., Created this arrangement. It contains roses, dusty sucker, pepper and ranunculus. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Tulipina specializes in eclectic and artistic flower arrangements. The florist offers same-day delivery options and prides itself on fresh flowers for their arrangements, according to Underwood. She says delivery is available anywhere in the Burlingame area. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day

Single Phalaenopsis orchid in a glass cube

This simple flower arrangement was created by Eric Mourkakos of PlantShed. PlantShed is a New York-based family business that sells gift baskets, groceries, and flower arrangements. The florist has served the New York area for over 30 years. The company’s location on the Upper East Side has 10,000 square feet of flowers and plants, including a sustainable greenhouse. The arrangement above features a single-stemmed phalaenopsis plant in a clear glass vase. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day

Paved with roses

Chicago-based Christine Noelle de Dilly Lilly is the florist behind this arrangement of 30 roses in a compact display. The Floral Design Boutique is also a full-service floral events business and has been serving the Chicago area since 1997. Learn more.

Administrative Professionals Day


This arrangement is courtesy of Clarkson King of King Florist in Austin, Texas. It includes seasonal flowers in a glass cube vase filled with river rocks and bark. The florist has been in business since 1927, selling everything from simple flower arrangements to full wedding orders. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day

Color pops

William Pailley of Artistic Surroundings, Phoenix, Arizona set up this arrangement. It features Peruvian hydrangeas and orange tulips in a black cylindrical vase. Artistic Surroundings specializes in vibrant colors, clean lines and unique textures. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day

Two dozen roses

Roses are a classic option. And this classic arrangement comes from Ideal Orchids of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Roses are a specialty of Ideal Orchids. And you are not limited to red. Color choices include yellow, white, orange, coral, peach, lavender, light, medium and bright pink (subject to availability). This creation includes two dozen long-stemmed roses in the color of your choice. And they can be hand delivered. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day

Excellence of orchids

Lubliner Florist is the Portland, Oregon-based floral designer behind this stunning arrangement. It features orchids and various other flowers in shades of green and purple. Lubliner Florist describes her designs as ranging from simple elegance to abundant shine. The florist also boasts of making sending flowers fun. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day

Orange you are adorable

This amusingly named arrangement is by Juliet Kennedy of the Rose Shack in Las Vegas. The arrangement features orange and peach roses mixed with tropical greens in a leaf-lined vase. The florist benefits from a loyal clientele who count on the Rose Shack to create floral tributes at the height of an exact emotion. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day

Take me to the tropics

Lilli Black from Bella Calla in Denver, Col. created this arrangement. It contains ginger, anthurium, and monstera to give customers a taste of the tropics. In addition to individual flower arrangements, Bella Calla also takes care of weddings and other events. Black promises that Bella Calla’s arrangements will never be forgotten. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day

ray of sunshine

This beautiful explosion of sunny colors is the creation of a fourth generation family florist. Robertson’s Flowers of Philadelphia has been around since 1927. The florist even offers an online catalog for easy ordering. The arrangement features fresh seasonal flowers in a low round glass cylinder. Berry pods and foliage are added for visual and tactile effect. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day

Paver Garden

David C. McKnight of The Poppy Shoppe in Farmington Hills, Michigan created this colorful arrangement. The retail store specializes in personalized floral designs, entertainment ideas, linens and table displays. McKnight describes his creation as a “cheerful mix of petals to petals.” Each order placed at the boutique is filled by an individual “flower maker” who creates a unique flower arrangement, potted plant or basket for each customer. Following.

Administrative Professionals Day


Designed by Edward Tomblin of Flowers of the Day in Santa Monica, California, this arrangement features roses and buttercups in a white square. Fleurs du Jour specializes in flowers for a variety of occasions, from weddings to corporate events. The boutique specializes in creative arrangements backed by friendly customer service. Following.

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